To embrace Mother Nature

GreenFriends™ is a green sidebranch of the international non-profit organization ‘Embracing The World’. ETW is currently engaged in working in over 30 countries in various areas ranging from emergency relief in disasters-struck places to free education and new houses for those who are most in need of this support.  By virtue of the fruits of the ETW initiatives it has been given a special consultation status at the Unitited Nations. The projects of ETW are inspired by the renowned spiritual and humanitarian leader and founder of the organization: Mata Amritanandamayi.

The objective of GreenFriends is to protect and preserve nature by providing the chance for people to reconnect with it. For when we become more conscious about ourselves being inextricably bound to and part of nature we will also respect her more deeply. In truth it is not us who protect nature, it is nature who protects us as in being our Mother Nature. She could be perceived as our biological mother, for we live in her, and are carried by her. The development and wellbeing of mankind, therefore, depends on our care for nature, and the destruction of it equals the destruction of ourselves. 

However, by observing the way in which nature gives and is powerful we can get inspired and find help in becoming stronger ourselves. As Mata Amritanadamay mentions herself: “Look at the optimism of Nature, nothing can stop it. The participation of a little bird, an animal, a flower is always complete. Whatever they may encounter in their lives, they will always continue to try wholeheartedly.” This is also the true nature of human beings, only our ego makes us pessimistic and causes us to suffer. 

What we do

GreenFriends started in India in 2001 and has since become active in all the corners of the world with several green projects, amongst which are the planting of one milion trees worldwide, local ecological gardenprojects, bee farming and the promotion of creative plastic recycling methods. The European GreenFriends collaboration has been formed in 2010 to work together to initiate new projects, to inspire each other and to get involved in the realization of each other’s ideas. The main values of GreenFriends are compassion and a selfless helping attitude towards man and nature.  For more information on GreenFriends activities in Europe check out:

The Netherlands, being inspired by the many GreenFriends projects in other countries, have also started to set up local activities. Last year, for example, creative Recycle workshops were organized in cooperation with AYUDH Holland, the youth organization of ETW (age 15-30). Furthermore the ecological cleaning and compost fluid EM has also been for sale.  

AYUDH and GreenFriends work closely together.  Through this cooperation the Netherlands have also joined in the international GrowIn project since 2009. This initiative focuses on young people cultivating vegetables in whatever space they have at hand to do this: pots, containers, windowsills or a communal garden for example. 

Also join?

GreenFriends Holland would like to expand the number of its activities and is therefore looking for people who would like to dedicate their time to our cause and have a talent for organizing (or implementing). New people are most welcome in our organization!

Here are some areas in which ideas could become projects:

  • Schoolgardening, a creative project for and with children. It would also possibly be good to sell the products in the end for the charitable cause of the Amma organization. 
  • With regard to the small vegetable gardens it would be fruitful to set up a way to exchange seeds. For many seeds got lost unnecessarily now. 
  • Through the channel of marketing leaders we could reach many children and customers by nature projects instead of the plastic toys we have seen recently as gifts. These toys  are not biodegradable and thus harming the environment. Bio/nature shops, a project for people who feel the urge to do something (back) for mother nature.
  • Biodynamic companies, these people are already GreenFriends but there is room for more initiatives.  
  • Farmers are welcome in our association with new ideas and initiatives!
  • Nursery gardens, seed-beds, monestry gardens, herbgardens, market gardens there are

 many possibilities… 


To conclude, regarding the collective goals of GreenFriends and Growin’/AYUDH in the Netherlands, we are looking for a communal garden which is easy to reach. In this garden we want to learn and experiment with cultivating vegetables in an ecological and sustainable way. A place where we can learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences and where, in time, we can start to give workshops as well. 

A location which can serve as a foundation for the start of a motivated group of people which can form the centre of our organization and become a stable factor in maintaining the garden and giving spirit to the projects. A place which inspires people to care with love for mother nature and which invites to enjoy her fruits in a balanced way without exploiting her. 

As a group we want to educate ourselves more widely by making trips together to, for example, biodynamic companies, farmers or other informative green concerns. 

For ideas and respons:

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