Amma in Nederland 16 en 17 oktober 2018

Amma’s Embracing the World Tour 2018

Op dinsdag 16 en woensdag 17 oktober was Amma voor een tweedaags bezoek naar Nederland, als onderdeel van een tour langs 11 Europese steden.

Netherlands was the third stop on Amma’s 2018 European tour. Several dignitaries including Venu Rajamony, Ambassador of India to the Netherlands, welcomed Amma to Holland during a short formal program on the first day. Lucia Rijker, the 6-time world boxing and kickboxing champion and acclaimed actress expressed her gratitude to Amma. “Amma helps me come home to my heart, to quiet my mind and to become aware of my soul. In this busy world filled with technology and distractions, and in my own life of working globally in three continents, Amma is an oasis of peace. When I come to her, I silence my life for a minute and I can see and feel what really matters in life which is love, friendship and connection.”

Amma bij Hart van Nederland:


Amma bij Hart van Nederland, SBS6, 17 oktober jl.

Geplaatst door Amma Nederland op Donderdag 18 oktober 2018


Amma in het Algemeen Dagblad:


Amma’s Europatour 2018

October 9  – 11: Granollers (Barcelona), Spain

October 13 – 14: Dublin, Ireland

October 16 – 17: Houten, Netherlands

October 19 – 21: Winterthur, Switzerland

October 23 – 24: Copenhagen, Denmark

October 26 – 28: Chalon en Champagne, France

October 30 – 31: Munich, Germany

November 2 – 3: M.A.Center, Brombachtal, Germany

November 5 – 7: Toulon, France

November 10 – 12: Milano, Italy

November 14 (evening) -16: London, United Kingdom