“It has been more than a year since I took up walking – it is more like a leisure walk to take my mind off the mundanely life. So in September/October, when I saw emails and social media on the “Walk of Love”, I thought it to be another wonderful way to reach Amma. This also gave my leisurely walk a purpose; a ritual I look forward to almost everyday.  

Since October 1st-November 8th, I have clocked about 366 kilometers and plan to complete another 134 kilometers more.  
The days I am unable to push myself to walk, I bike and I average about 55 kilometers per week. It is usually in and around our neighbourhood and I have my Amma doll for company, always. 

It has been a wonderful experience till now. Also, a sense of belonging that there are other fellow Amma devotees in this “Walk of Love” from all over Europe who are as anxious (or more) to meet Amma soon.